Action against GMOs in our food

Stop GMOs polluting our meat, milk, eggs and fish

In April 2013 M&S, Sainsbury’s, the Co-op, and Tesco decided to allow genetically modified (GM) animal feed into their supply chain. Only Waitrose still actively excludes GM animal feed from their supply chain. Sainsbury’s will exclude GM feed only from the supply chain for their “Taste the Difference” range.

Thank you Waitrose

While complaining to the supermarkets who have allowed GM animal feed into their food chain, we should not forget to thank the one UK supermarket who has so far resisted this change of policy.

Waitrose is now the only supermarket in the UK where we can feel assured that the meat, milk products and eggs we buy are from animals raised on non-GM animal feed.

Read, edit (if you like) and then send the letter in the link below. This will not only thank Waitrose for staying GMO-free but encourage them to stay firm in their non-GMO stance.

Send a ‘thank you’ letter to Waitrose.

The Co-op and Tesco have misled their customers by claiming that GM feed given to animals is not detectable in animal products. This is untrue.

Several research studies have found that GM DNA from animal feed is present in the milk and meat that we eat. The UK Government’s Food Standards Agency has confirmed that “DNA fragments” of all types in food can be taken up by the digestive tract.

The production of GM soy involves heavy spraying with Roundup herbicide, which harms the health of people living in soy-producing areas of South America.

In addition, a study published in June 2013 showed that GM feed harmed the health of pigs. So there are animal welfare concerns with GM feed.

The head of Waitrose has said that there is plenty of non-GM soy and that the price difference of the meat and dairy is negligible, so supermarkets should stop using that excuse and provide the products that we consumers want.

Please ask the supermarkets to reverse their policy and exclude GM feed from their supply chains. As long as GM feed remains in their supply chains, they must label products from GM-fed animals so that we can avoid products from GM-fed animals.

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What about the other supermarkets?

There are other UK supermarkets who have allowed (or have not bothered to monitor) GM animal feed in their supply chain. Please email a separate letter to them:








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